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DHRTC Processes

How We Work

Explore the ways the DHRTC works. Learn more about the core processes that helps facilitate and manage all the activities related to the Centre. 

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RIS 2018 DHRTC Technology Conference

Radical Innovation

End of November equals finalising the Radical Innovation Sprint 2018 projects and handing in the deliverables.
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Under-deposit Corrosion

Under-deposit corrosion has so far been impossible to predict and prevent. Two teams of researchers from DTU now collaborate with Total to uncover the mystery. 


Get to know more about how research can help operators make better decisions on e.g. an oil platform.
Tight Reservoir Development

Tight Reservoir Development

Two of the researchers working in the new programme, Tight Reservoir Development, are Jon Ineson and Morten Bjerager. Both are Senior Research Geologist from GEUS. The new programme consists of 12 work packages; Morten and Jon work in one of them hoping to be able to create a robust stratigraphy that help the others in the programme to fulfill their parts in the large-scale enterprise.
Maiya Medetbekova - AWF 2

Advanced Water Flooding 2

Meet Maiya Medetbekova PhD student at DHRTC  and hear about her research within radial-jet drilling in the North Sea.
Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC)

Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre

Learn more about a few of our colleagues at what we do at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre. 
Sebastian Tølbøll Glavind - CTR 3

Cost Transformation 3

Learn more about how PhD student Sebastian Tølbøll Glavind from Department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University works with safety of structures.
Morten Lind - CTR 1

Cost Transformation 1

Professor Morten Lind at Electrical Engineering, DTU talks about his focus on information technology for advanced control systems and how that is done in Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre’s research.
Iris Fernandez - AWF 1

Advanced Water Flooding 1

Iris Fernandes, PhD student at the Niels Bohr Institute at University of Copenhagen, tells you about how she does research in Computational Geoscience.

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EOR Advanced Water Flooding
Work Programmes create coherence between research projects and show the results of DHRTC's work. Read more about current work Programmes and research projects here.
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