Publikationer 2017

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    Resilience of systems by value of information and SHM 
    Safety, Reliability, Risk, Resilience and Sustainability of Structures and Infrastructure : 12th Int. Conf. on Structural Safety and Reliability, Vienna, Austria, 6–10 August 2017


  • S. Pedersen, P. Durdevic, and Z. Yang
    Challenges in Slug Modeling and Control for Offshore Oil and Gas Productions: A Review Study
    International Journal of Multiphase Flow
  • S.C. Okoro, F. Niessen, M. Villa, D. Apel, M. Montgomery, F.J. Frandsen, K. Pantleon 
    Complementary methods for characterization of corrosion products on a plant exposed superheater tube 
    Metallogr. Microstruct. Anal. 6 (2017) 22–35